What is is your source for free 3GP videos, movies and other 3GP files for your mobile, cellular phones. All our files are in 3GP format so there is no need for any 3GP converter. We update out website frequently so make sure to check back often more new videos!

What is 3gp?
3GP is a 3rd generation (3G) video standard and based on the MP4/MPEG-4 file format for mobile (3G – 3rd generation) phones. It is designed to decrease storage and bandwidth in order to fit into mobile devices. The file extension .3gp are for GSM based phones and .3g2 for CDMA based phones. Learn more about the 3GP format.

Where can I download the 3gp videos here?
Just head over to our main page and browse the videos we have available. Just click on the “Download 3GP Videos” link and it will take you to the download page for further instruction. Additionally, you can browse our video by category, you will find them on the right column.

How can I add videos to my mobile phones?
This depends on your mobile phone. Most mobile phones will have a CD included to install on your computer and a USB connector in order to connect your mobile phone to your computer. Check your phone manuals for more info.

How can I convert my own videos to 3gp format?
Go to our 3GP Converters page for a list of software that allows you to convert your videos into 3gp format. Visit our 3GP Players page as well to play those 3gp files in your computer.

Is this really free?
Yes all our videos are free to download, there is no catch! You can help us out by spreading our website. Tell your family and friends about our website.

I own copyrights on one of your video and want it remove!
We try not to add any copyrighted videos here. However, if there is any videos that you may feel is in breech of your copyrights please contact us with proof of ownership of the particular content and we will take action asap.

Do you accept video submission?
We do not have an upload feature however if you have any videos you would like to submit upload the videos somewhere and contact us with the link to the video. Please note that we do not add any copyrighted contents here.

My question is not listed above, what can I do?
Contact Us and we will try to reply to your email asap.